Clueless at 23 but still positive.

As I sit in front of my laptop having done nothing productive the entire day, I have guilt pangs eating up my appetite for dinner. I scroll through every social media falsely depicting every friend’s life of mine in vivid colors. They put up encouraging, ambitious quotes with their “candid” pictures and then come back to me at night to cry out how it’s not fair at all. It hasn’t even been an year since we passed college but it feels like a millennium has passed and how. The productivity is decreasing everyday with little clarity but tornadoes of confusion, questions and worst case scenarios keep us awake at night. It varies really. The good days and bad ones. Some days it feels like I am gonna conquer the world and all I require right now is patience and belief in self. It’s easy really to maintain the positive, happy vibe on these days. It feels good to be young and having our whole lives in front of us. Feelings of optimism and stories of other successful people cozies us into our slumber these nights. And then there are days when harsh reality of us slaving off on our parent’s money and doing nothing worthwhile screeches into our heads constantly like alarms. It’s tiring battling the two demons on a calm night. Unemployment and time makes us question the very basics of our society and often.

Over time a bubbly, charming girl who never had the time to even check her phone is reduced to an ashen face dreamer with doubts masking her existence. It’s sad really how at an age when we are supposed to be at our creative best, most of us just wants to run away and escape. I too spend most of my nights wishing for my escape. Sometimes it feels better to run away and start afresh. So for once I am giving in to that girl and opening the cage. I am letting my inner self run here for solace. Helping her win her good days over bad ones and give her two ounces of positivity every night so she wakes up with a new zeal to conquer the next day. Wanna sit down with her and take two yourself ??

  1.  Being Grateful: I know it’s difficult to be grateful on a grey day but really once you start, the sunlight finds a way to peep in. No matter how difficult it is for us to go on, find somebody who has it worse and be grateful for wherever you are. Close your eyes and take a moment to appreciate every good thing in your life.
  2. Opportunities: All of us are meticulously slaving for our dream job but then don’t close your eyes for other stuff coming your way. Do everything and don’t miss out on these gems. Experiences always count more than money.
  3. One day at a time: We get puzzled or scared when we think of our entire life in a single slide. Well obviously if you would try planning all of it in one go, it will get too much for your plate. Rather take one day at a time and live it fully. Set smaller goals and see how well you conquer them. Make long terms goals too but everyday just look at the smaller ones and start your hustle.
  4. Breathe: I forget it myself in everyday struggle and really how stupid is that ? Time is ticking like a time bomb and so before you forget to savor it right, breathe, look around and find one thing that calms you down. It could be a thing, sight or your favorite setting. Find it, sit there and breathe. Calm down before you start again.
  5. Patience: In this instant digital age where we have an app for everything, we have forgotten how to wait for the good things to happen. Keep working for them, pushing hard but don’t have grudges if it doesn’t happen soon. Follow step 4 again.
  6. Content: I know how easy it is to feel left out, “FOMO” today but really look around and see how almost all of us are at the same red light. I know it’s selfish but it does provide a safety net. Not so alone now, are you ?
  7. Dream: And finally don’t you ever stop dreaming and working for it. You have some responsibility towards your own soul and so go ahead and fulfill it. But also don’t just sit cribbing around, work for it however you can. Even tiny toddler steps matter in this grand scheme. But first Dream !!

In this self made world, really all you need is  passion and stamina to make it happen. People are doing it left, right and bottom and so can you. If you are reading this that means you are lucky enough to have all the basic requirements to do it right. You just need to realize it. Let’s do it this way and take a step together. Promise me something that you would grab all these tools, add your enthusiasm and enter the ring, I dare you to keep standing no matter how many punches life throws at you. You stand there and show what you are made of. You muster your strength and you fight back. Ready?  I am ringing the bells, off you go !



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