The first question I asked when I was advised to start writing a blog was that, “why would anybody want to read  it?” Especially when it is linked with so many side businesses these days. Fashion, food, travel, you name it, search it and you will find it on the web. So really why would anybody want to read my life insights or my experiences? My answer as my smarter self told me lies in the books and stories that surround us everywhere. We are living just like every other life on this planet so why do we read a book written on somebody else’s life or a purely fictitious world? Because often it is better than our dull daily routines. Who wouldn’t want to work from 9-6 in a cubicle but take extra classes at night from Hogwarts. Who wouldn’t want to fight with giants while on the subway going home. It’s fascinating living so many different lives while managing the basic one. Being so many different characters with just the swish of the finger. Defying so many realms of reality by just 26 alphabets. And it also makes us connect to each other on a very subconscious level. We form emotional bonds with people loving our favorite stories. We form our own fandoms, families and we find comfort going back to them. We suddenly have a thread binding us even when they are complete strangers at times. Truly magical, isn’t it ?

My stories aren’t that interesting, sorry to be a spoil sport. But they are still stories. Wrapped in leafs of experiences and daily life lessons. A leaf now streaming through cables and channels in kbps without any visa and passport uniting all of us in one land. The magical, magical land of stories and words. I have read so many people writing their daily experience and have learnt more from them in a day than perhaps months of mine. It lights my eyes up when I read it in first person and imagine happening it to me. We all do it without knowing it and that is what strikes a chord between a reader and a writer. A hand coming out of the story and taking yours in comfort and understanding. And so this is what I plan to do, to teach something and learn a whole lot. No ulterior motives just  booking a seat in world’s finest class with the most experienced teachers, taking notes and living one life more than mine every single day. Did you register yet ?


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